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Engine Runs Residential Fire, Rescue Runs Multiple Wrecks, and Members Keep Training
Friday, June 8, 2018

On Friday, June 8, Rescue 23 started the morning handling two accidents within one hour on the Interstate. The Ambulance also responded on both emergencies, and crews provided patient care before returning. Shortly after clearing the second crash, Engine 23 (Tidwell) responded on fire box 1212 for the report of fire in the residential structure. The Engine arrived as the third due Engine, and operated as the RIT after securing the secondary water supply. All units cleared the scene in approximately 90 minutes, and the Company logged one additional run for wires down for the day. Members took advantage of their down time on Friday night to train on the 400' lines, bumper lines, and rescue tools. This training lasted for approximately six hours and was held in quarters. 

On Saturday, the Squad handled four medical emergencies throughout the day. At approximately 2240 hours, Stations 23, 22, Duty Squad 17, and multiple ALS units were dispatched to the Interstate for an accident involving a motorcycle. Units arrived to find a serious accident, that resulted in shutting down the roadway for an extended period of time.

Sunday started early for the Rescue crew as they responded to a reported mult-residential fire in 16's local at 0530 hours. The fire was found to be extinguished, and all units were quickly placed inservice. The Company logged two other box alarm responses for the day, resulting in a total of 12 runs on the weekend. 


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