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Squad and Engine Run 18 Two Alarm House Fire, Multiple Maydays
Thursday, January 31, 2019

At 0622 hours on Thursday, January 31, Engine Company 23 was alerted as part of the residential fire assignment to 20 Bunker Hill Road in the Penn Acres South Development (18 Local). The original report on the box was "RP stating there is a fire in the ceiling of the basement". Squad 23 made the response with four, and while enroute PD arrived to report smoke showing. Engine 18 arrived at 0629 hours, confirming the PD report and assuming the first due engine company responsibilities. Squad 23 arrived seconds later as the second due engine, and crews stretched (1) 1.75" to the basement division. 

Crews were met with high heat, zero visiblity, with fire running from the basement to the second floor and attic. At 0653 hours, Squad 23's officer transmitted the mayday in the basement, due to becoming disoriented and seperated from the hose line, also running low on air. Multiple members of the Christiana Fire Company immediately went to work to assist Squad 23 and Engine 18's officers from the basement to the front yard. The mayday was cleared within two minutes of being called. Command then requested a second alarm, which Engine 23 took staffed with 3. 

At 0717 a second mayday was transmitted on division 2, which was cleared within seconds, and did not involve any members of Station 23. The fire was placed under control at approximately 0830, and all 23 units were available by 1000 hours. Squad 23's officer was not transported to the hospital, and was unharmed due to a quick response by units onscene. 

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