Engine 23 (Previously Rescue Engine 23-6)

Engine 23 is a 1999 Pierce Dash pumper which was transformed into a pumper Squad in 2011. E-23 is equipped with a 1000 gallon water tank, and 50 gallons of foam and a 1250 GPMP. Engine 23 is also equipped with 1 Hurst combination tool, and 1 Hurst "O" cutter. Engine 23 became a Rescue Engine in 2011 when Rescue 23 went out for refurbishment. Rescue Engine 23 proved to be a very versatile piece of equipment, at which time the company chose to keep it in service as a Pumper Squad even with the return of Rescue 23. Engine 23 runs as the company Attack Wagon on Structurial alarms, and can run in place of the current Pumper Squad or Rescue if either is out of service.

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