Engine 23-2

Engine 23-2 is a 1988 Pierce Arrow engine,1250 GPMP, 500 GWT. Engine 23-2 was purhchased from the Good Will Fire Company of New Castle in 2014. Engine 2 runs miscellaneous fires, and acts as a reserve engine.

Ambulance 23 (A-23)

This unit is a 2014 International Terrastar/Road Rescue 170" module BLS transport unit.

Marine Rescue Unit 23(MRU-23)

This unit was previously ran as A-23. It is a 2007 GM/Lifeline BLS ambulance.

Fire Chief's Buggy

The Fire Chief's Buggy is a 2012 Chevy Tahoe. This vehicle is used by the fire chief to respond to emergency incidents.

Rescue 23(Known as The Red Train)

Rescue 23 is a 2011 Pierce Arrow XT with a Saulsbury box. Rescue 23 was refurbished in 2011 by Pierce. The original Saulsbury box from the previous 1993 Mack Rescue truck was placed on a new Pierce Chassis. Rescue 23 is fully equipped to handle multiple types of rescues. Rescue 23 is equipped with a 200 gallon water tank,250 GPM pump and 3 cylinder 6000 psi cascade system to fill SCBA bottles. Rescue 23 is the first to respond on Rescue type emergencies.

Engine 23-5

Engine 235 is a 2006 Pierce Dash pumper with Tak 4 independant front suspension,1000 gallons of water, and 50 gallons of foam and a 1250 GPMP. Engine 235 is first due on all structural responses except for narrow/short lane access areas.

Fire Officer's car 23

A 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Ex New Castle County Patrol car. This unit is utilized for Duty officers to respond to incidents from thier home primarily on thier overnight district watch.

Rescue Engine 23-6

Rescue Engine 23-6 is a 1999 Pierce Dash pumper which was transformed into a rescue engine in 2011. Rescue Engine 23-6 is equipped with a 1000 gallon water tank, and 50 gallons of foam and a 1250 GPMP. Rescue Engine 236 is also equipped with 1 Hurst combination tool, and 1 Hurst "O" cutter. Rescue Engine 23-6 became a Rescue Engine in 2011 when Rescue 23 went out for refurbishment. Rescue Engine 236 proved to be a very versatile piece of equipment, at which time the company chose to keep it in service as a Rescue Engine even with the return of Rescue 23. Rescue Engine 23-6 runs second on all rescue type incidents, and can run in place of the Rescue if it is out of service,3RD piece for in-district structural responses.

Engine 23-3

This unit is a 1948 Mack L pumper that is no longer in frontline service. The unit is utilized for ceremonial events. Pump and water tank capacities were removed.

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