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Squad and Rescue 23 Arrive First Due at 12 Commercial Fire
Saturday, December 1, 2018

At 1129 hours on Saturday, December 1, Squad and Rescue 23 with 7 members were dispatched to the Delaware Welcome Center at 530 JFK Memorial Highway for a commercial fire, reported as smoke from the roof. Multiple units due on the box were returning from a residential gas odor in the Woodbridge Townhouses section of the Christiana local. Rescue 23 arrived moments after the Squad and found smoke from the roof. The Rescue officer and can man investigated and found a working fire in the kitchen ceiling of the Burger King. The Squad lineman and officer then stretched 400' of 1.75" and a quick stop was made on the fire. A second 1.75" was placed inservice on the roof from the Squad, as well as a 2.5" line from Engine 12. Crews had the fire under control with in 30 minutes and all units cleared in approximately one hour. 

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